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Compliance back up

Have You recently started travel nursing? Or a seasoned pro? Either way, I’m sure you’re feeling the backlog that could be preventing you from starting your contract on time. Well, you’re not alone. With the 30% increase of travel nurses over the last year, companies are finding themselves in a back Log of nurses needing compliance clearance. Those in charge of onboarding and background checks are feeling the burnout trying to keep up and nurses are delayed starting their contracts. Meanwhile, hospitals are desperate for warm bodies. This has created unpresented situations the travel healthcare industry is facing. So what are the companies doing to prevent this and correct it? Great question…stay tuned for the second part of this blog for the answers. I’ll be a panel speaker at the 2021 SIA healthcare summit in Boston. This is a hot button topic being present and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the outcomes.

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