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All Plans Customizable

Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans

Choose Your Adventure

  • Newbie Plan

    When you want support for the entire length of your contract
    Valid for 3 months
    • Contract review, negotiation support, access to live help
    • Unlimited access with a Travel PRO
    • Great for first time travel nurses
    • Tips and Tricks of Travel Nursing
    • Payment plan available
  • Ambassador Plan

    Every month
    • Limited access to Travel PRO
    • Perfect for those seeking minor support
    • Tips and Tricks of Travel Nursing
    • Explains the meat and potatoes of travel nursing
  • 1 Week Trial Package

    For those who want to try our services without commitment
    Valid for one week
    • *Does not include contract review or interview prep
    • Tips and Tricks of Travel Nursing
  • NurseRX Membership

    Every month
    Exclusive content, tips and industry secrets and discounts
    • Exclusive Members-Only Content
    • Free App Access
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