Travel Nursing
is about to feel so much easier.


We Understand the Struggle

 Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information you're discovering about how to start travel nursing and not sure where to start?

Are you a seasoned traveler who wants to become a better, smarter travel nurse?

Let NurseRX help you seamlessly transition into travel nursing and equip you with powerful skills to be successful, so you can make great money while doing what you love!


Are you ready to become a better, smarter Travel Nurse?

Travel Nurse TIp #1: Choose A Reputable company who will support you when things don't go as planned while on assignment

Our mission is simple: give our clients the education, tools and resources they need to think differently and be a better, smarter travel nurse. Investing in yourself and your success is a big commitment

Our commitment to you is to be a constant source of support

A few examples of how we can support you in your journey as a travel nurse are:

  • Contract Review Support

    • ​​Don't get screwed by what you don't know 

  • Get Coached

    • Expert support throughout contract​​

  • Discover License Requirements​​

    • Compact vs. Non-Compact​

    • RN & LVN/LPN 

  • Learn to Negotiate Like a Boss

    • Know what you're worth and how to ask 

Travel Nurse TIp #2: understand there's a lot to learn along the way, don't get bogged down by bad advice 


NurseRx strives to be THE premier travel nurse concierge.


Happy Clients Talk

Valentina L.

" I was excited to finally start travel nursing. What I didn't expect was how complicated the process can be. From finding the right recruiter and company that truly supports you; to signing the contract, you can become easily overwhelmed. Christine at NurseRX helped guide me in the right direction , making sure I knew what questions to ask the recruiter and hiring manger to what to have in writing in your contract. I highly recommend using NurseRX especially as a new traveler , which will save you time , money and headaches on your new adventures!"